Providing affordable accident-only insurance and life insurance to Texas schools and school-age children.
Who We Are

The Texas Kids First program, marketed and managed by Legend Insurance Agency LLC, consists of experienced student accident insurance industry professionals and currently insures more than 350 school districts in Texas. The plans are administered by Universal Fidelity Life Insurance Company, which was founded in 1935.

Texas Kids First Fast Facts

  • Insuring more than 350 school districts in Texas
  • Agents serving Texas since 1980
  • A statewide medical provider network
  • Plans endorsed by: Texas State Athletic Trainers' Association and Southwest Athletic Trainers' Association

The unique team making up Texas Kids First is comprised of professionals with backgrounds in Business, Finance, School Administration, and Coaching. The agents for Texas Kids First have been serving Texas school districts since 1980. Our agents represent the preeminent and largest group of student accident insurance agents in Texas, having written the most premium in the state of Texas for a number of years.

The mission of Texas Kids First is to provide the finest, most affordable insurance coverage available to all school-age children. For parents and school districts, we offer accident-only plans to insure students for injuries that occur while participating in school-sponsored activities and athletics.

Texas Kids First has unique access to one of the most creative innovations in the insurance industry: The Texas Kids First Provider Network. The network consists of medical professionals and hospitals that have agreed to treat injured students from our insured districts for the services paid and outlined in the Schedule of Benefits of the Texas Kids First Student Accident Plans.

Our Insurance Companies
Founded in 1935, Universal Fidelity Life Insurance Company has specialized in serving the senior market with Medicare Supplement and Long-Term Care products. Today, we remain committed to that market but we also have partnerships that bring niche based products to employee groups and individuals in all stages of life.
Unified Life Insurance Company is a stock life insurance company, incorporated in Texas in May 2001. The company is currently licensed to do business in 48 states and the District of Columbia and operates primarily as a re-insurer of life, health and annuity risks written by other companies who do not wish to retain such business. Unified Life functions primarily as a re-insurer, primarily of life insurance, but also annuity and accident and health coverage.
Headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., our nation's heartland, FSL embraces Midwestern values as a solid foundation for profitable performance. For more than 30 years, FSL has been a company eager to discover and capitalize on new opportunities. Since receiving a charter from the Missouri Department of Insurance in 1969, FSL has remained flexible and responsive in providing products that match both agent and policyholder needs.
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